Youth athletes and their families do more than merely attend the tournaments. They stay in hotels, eat in restaurants, purchase gas and groceries, shop for souvenirs and pay for entertainment. The involvement of grandparents and younger siblings ensures that there is an appetite for a variety of different visitor experiences.


As Table 3 shows, 83 percent of all families attending the tournaments pay for some form of accommodations by staying in hotels/motels, campgrounds, rental properties and bed & breakfasts.

Table Three

At Home, we live in the area10%
With a friend or family member who lives in the area7.3%
Rental Property2.8%
Bed and Breakfast0.6%

Those families staying in hotels, motels and bed and breakfasts typically occupy multiple rooms, 1.7 on average.
Altogether, families attending the tournaments will occupy more than 353 hotel, motel and bed and breakfast rooms
per night.

These youth tournaments last for four days so that teams can have multiple games and compete in championships.
This ensures that players and their families stay in the region for multiple nights….and average of 3 nights.
These multiple day, multiple room stays ensure that one of the biggest areas of direct spending is for accommodations.

The average family visiting from outside the Capital District spends approximately $439 on accommodations while in the region. Beyond accommodations, the economic impact of these tournaments is spread across several business segments. 


Table 4 shows that the majority of attending families purchase restaurant meals, gasoline, groceries and other
retail products.

Table Four

Activities and Spending
Ate at one or more restaurants85.6%
Purchased gasoline79.5%
Purchased groceries53.0%
Visited dowtown53.0%
Shopped at one or more retail stores50.1%
Visited a park, trail or beach39.7%
Visited one or more other towns in the area22.6%
Paid for entertainment, e.g. movies, bowling, etc.17.0%
Visited one or more shopping malls14.8%
Visited medical facilities1.0%